We give an Edge on the Competition

Mark Media is an Italian sports services company for every major sports, sport league, team and competitions.

Mark Media News Sports Agency is now a standalone news agency with several stringers and a daily news feed, we supply news to all Italian specialized magazine for sport.

A group of freelancers; journalists, photographers and writers give to Mark Media excellent flexibility to guarantee the positioning of his news reports to sports magazines end any sports newspaper.

From the pitch, the court or the circuit, we deliver text, pictures, and video coverage on news events across the international sporting arena including:

  • Breaking sports news.
  • Coverage includes soccer, basketball, tennis, track & field, motorsports.
  • Freelance content partners give you complete global coverage.



  • Markmedia News and Sports stories have so far been published in all mayor Italian sport magazine and local sport newspaper.
  • MarkMedia always wanted to produce something interesting, eye-catching related to sports.
  • MarkMedia news and stories are always connected with videos and photos that capture the best moments of the news.
  • MarkMedia is excited every day to deliver and report sport news and we are looking to cement our place as one of the main providers of alternative sports news.